AVIVA – “I know what I breathe” campaign

AVIVA Foundation – was established in 2009 to support social integration and to activate actions for the common good. In 2017 and 2018, together with Airly, the foundation organized two editions of the anti-smog action “I know what I breathe”. Which resulted in a significant increase in public awareness about the dangers of smog, as well as installation of 400 air quality sensors.


As many as 36 of the 50 cities with the highest levels of air pollution in the European Union are located in Poland. As part of the “I know what I breathe” campaign, we prepared a series of activities to make people aware of the impact of polluted air on our health and life and how to counteract it.

Our partnership began with a CSR campaign developed in Poland called “Wiem czym oddycham” (“I know what I breathe”). It involved citizens identifying the perfect location for Airly sensors through online voting and using data to build awareness and for educational purposes. Aviva covered the costs of sensors and their maintenance and citizens could install sensors in their close surroundings to influence local governments to take actions to improve the air quality in the city.

Supporting elements:

-AirRun – the first run in Poland with anti-smog masks.
-Installation of the first billboard in Poland, which absorbed air pollution (nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and benzene).

The results:
-Aviva invested in a network of 400 devices and installed them in more than 100 towns in Poland.
-75,258  people got involved and voted for the locations of the sensors.

Benefits for Aviva:

Aviva’s I know what I breathe campaign help to :
-Significantly improve brand awareness.
-Acquire a database of potential clients.
-Introduce  an original CSR campaign, appreciated by citizens and awarded with Bronze Effie Awards in category Positive change CSR.

With 400 devices and data gathered for more than 2 years, AVIVA managed to use it  in risk management processes to determine the relationship between air quality and multiple health risks, which directly translated into the costs of insurance policies.

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