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Children learn about the climate with Airly, Veolia and Onet

Everyone recognizes the need for reliable, evidence-driven climate education in schools by field experts.

Airly, which has been operating in Poland for many years to monitor and improve air quality, and Veolia, which supplies green energy to cities and towns across the country, initiated an educational campaign called the Air Academy. The Onet portal was also involved in promoting the campaign and reaching the broadest possible audience with its information.

Air Academy is an initiative aimed at primary school students to enable effective home education in the field of environmental protection and care for the better air we breathe. Classes introduce the subject of smog based on experience in physics and chemistry.

How does the lesson look?

Online classes are conducted by experienced educators from AGH (AGH University of Science and Technology), using the ClickMeeting platform. Thanks to the possibilities offered by remote education, over 1000 participants can take part in one lesson simultaneously.

What were the lessons about?

  • air pollution, 
  • renewable energy sources, 
  • energy-saving methods 
  • pollution accumulation, i.e. where smog accumulates. 

The children also learned how they could take care of the air quality in their immediate vicinity. The scenario of the lessons conducted in cooperation with the Veolia Foundation included:

  • Introductory part – discussion of the problem of air pollution. 
  • Physico-chemical experiments section.
  • Elements relevant to Veolia’s expertise i.e. how energy is produced. 
  • In the final section, children learned the principles of energy-saving and examples of positive actions for the environment.

To summarize, during Air Academy:

– we conducted 25 interactive lessons, 

– for over 6,000 students from 60 schools,

– we performed 150 physicochemical experiments,

– over 95% of students assessed the classes positively, of which as many as 75% of participants considered them “excellent!”.

We invite you to watch the educational video from the lesson, which is available on the YouTube platform: and download the worksheet for children (from which the youngest will learn what smog is, its types and how to counteract it.

How you can organize an Air Academy for your company or in your municipality:

Airly conducts both online and stationary educational classes in schools.

We invite all municipalities and companies interested in implementing classes in climate education for their residents, employees and their families to contact us.

As part of the partnership, we offer:

A lesson plan that takes into account the specificity of the company or partner of the lesson.

The best teachers who are experts in the fields of environment, air quality and climate.

The possibility adjust the scope of classes to the group of recipients (children, seniors, students).

  • access and operation of the click meeting platform for conducting and moderating classes (up to 1000 participants)
  • materials and tools for conducting Physico-chemical experiments in a professional laboratory
  • recording of the lesson
  • appropriate branding of the company or municipality during the lesson
  • presentation with a summary of the class along with a participant satisfaction survey
  • support for the entire project by an experienced project manager

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