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Smart Building Management Systems Partnerships

Evotech Air Quality
EAQ is a UK-based company specialising in building management systems. Recognising the great threat that air pollution poses to our health, they have developed a complete solution in order to improve productivity, health, energy efficiency and minimise virus risks.

About the cooperation
The solution – Evotech iAQX – uses Airly monitors to measure outdoor air quality, and Airthings monitors to measure indoor air quality. Understanding exactly what pollutants are in the fresh air that is brought in is a crucial component of their dynamic HVAC systems and allows them to automatically control building ventilation and purification. Evotech and Airly hope to target commercial buildings, retail stores and schools in an attempt to improve the air that we all breathe.

Airly’s partnership with Evotech is an example of how Smart BMS companies can use data from highly accurate, real time sensors in order to better inform their systems. Even one or two monitors on strategically relevant air intake points outside of any building can make all the difference when it comes to monitoring and improving indoor air quality. This could be as simple as knowing when not to open windows to bring in fresh air, or tapping into Airly’s API to seamlessly integrate with existing platforms.Why consider integrating Airly monitors into your system?

  • accurate, real time data
  • ability to access on the full range of pollutants we measure: PM1, 2.5, 10, temperature, air pressure, humidity, NO, NO2, SO2, CO and O3
  • API to allow seamless integration
  • effectively manage HVAC and purification to minimise risks and increase energy efficiency

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