Smart advertising for Decathlon Tarnow store

Decathlon is a large format international retail store which offers clothing, accessories, supplements, sporting goods and equipment.


Decathlon has invested in an Airly sensor network in one of the cities in Poland (Tarnów). Air pollution in the city exceeds safe levels for 8 months out of the year. Decathlon Poland wanted to encourage people to avoid outdoor sport during heavy pollution and invite them to local fitness clubs, gyms and sports clubs. Therefore they invested in a network of sensors in sports facilities around the city and offered free sensors to several gyms.

Thanks to real-time air quality measurements, owners of sports facilities are now able to send text messages to their customers and warn them when air pollution exceeds acceptable standards. They can also encourage them to train indoors in the well equipped gyms with air purifiers and Decathlon-branded equipment.

On top of this, Decathlon used smog data to dynamically publish ads on Google. When air quality levels are bad, they can display promotional ads with sports equipment perfect for indoor training.

Benefits for the brand:

  • Create a unique, loyal eco-community around the brand
  • Unobtrusive advertising
  • Increase sales of indoor equipment
  • Build better relationships with local businesses
  • CSR
  • Raising awareness among citizens on how to take care of their health and well-being
  • Tackling the problem of outdoor sports during episodes of smog and providing tips on how to avoid it and safely train outdoors.

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