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“The smog report” for TVN TV station

TVN is a major polish free to air TV station and a subsidiary of Discovery Inc. From 2019 it has been using Airly data for its own production called “The Smog Report”, a prime time broadcast just after the main news weather forecast.

The Smog Report includes air quality information from 14 major cities in Poland and presents average data of the current day and forecast for the next 24h. The production of “The Smog Report” is sponsored by third party brands that are building marketing strategies around air quality issues. In 2019 it was Philips – the main producer of air purifiers in Europe, and since 2020 the sponsor is Lexus – producer of E-F class hybrid cars.

Benefits for TVN:

  • Outstanding data, not yet widely published in media, a socially important problem increasingly commented on around the world
  • Interesting content for the TV audience
  • Revenues – air quality news on TV channels can be sponsored by different companies and drive additional advertising revenues

The smog report was presented on the 3 antennas TVN, TVN24 and TTV, a few times a day.

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