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Property Industry: Green Builders & Developers

Air Filter Supply
AFS is a company based in California, USA. They provide multiple industries with industrial sized air filtration and HVAC machinery and tools. They are in operation within 10,000+ buildings across California in a variety of uses. From large residential apartment buildings to massive industrial assembly and chemical production facilities.

About our cooperation
AFS became a customer of Airly in February of 2021. They ordered 10 Gas1 and 10 Gas2 devices from us to use on their pilot program for a new application they are developing for their customers.

Project background:
Their pilot program/use case is very unique. As mentioned earlier, they operate thousands of large air filtration systems and HVAC units in buildings throughout California. They are in the process of making a mobile alert application for their clients that will be able to inform them about the content of the air outside their facilities, and thereby allow them to more efficiently operate their filtration and HVAC systems.

Because AFS has so many buildings in the US, they have an established infrastructure that requires our services, this means that there is an existing need for our devices and data. Additionally, they are the largest provider of HVAC and air filtration services in California, making this an incredible opportunity for us to get our names out there and improve our notoriety on the US West Coast.

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