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Airly sensors measure the air quality in your immediate surroundings

1. Select your country
2. Select your Sensor
Sensor Airly PM
Sensor Airly PM+GAS (NO2, O3)
Sensor Airly PM+GAS (SO2, CO)
Sensor Airly PM+GAS (NO2, NO)
Sensor Airly PM HeliumAirly Helium sensors not available. The possibility of placing orders for the next batch will be open on August 1, 2021.
3. Select your plan


Recommended for individuals, communities and small businesses

  • What you get
  • Best-in-class Airly PM air quality sensor (particulate matter sensor with data transfer, calibration and a 2 year warranty included), no subscription costs.


Recommended for corporate clients, media and public entities.

  • What you get
  • Best-in-class network of Airly sensors:
    • - PM sensors
    • - PM+GAS1 (NO2+O3) sensors
    • - PM+GAS2 (SO2+CO) sensors
  • Flexible sales models (buy or rent)
  • Flexible subscribtion periods (12, 24 or 36 months)
  • Remote service
  • Calibration of data
  • Data transfer
  • Technical support
  • Installation support
  • Your logo appears on our interactive map
  • Access to dedicated Customer Panel with:
    • - Predefined reports
    • - Real-time raw data
    • - Historical raw data
    • - Up to 1-day forecasting with 1 hour resolution time
  • Unlimited access to the data from your devices
  • 10% discount for banner ads on the MyAirly platform
  • Integrations
  • 50% discount for the API Business Plan
  • Marketing and PR support (preparation of press releases, social media etc.)