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Airly for Community Groups

Power to the people

If you are worried about air quality in your area, encourage your local community to join the Airly network and take action to get the information you need.

Act for your community

Not every city is equipped with air quality monitoring reference stations. Communities can use the Airly network to provide affordable air quality monitoring for local parks, playgrounds and sport facilities. The data collected can be used to constantly monitor the outdoor air quality in your neighborhood, or to build apps that will serve the community.

Unbiased source of data

Our air quality measurements are impartial, non-political and reliable. They can be accessed easily by everyone by using our online MyAirly map, or our mobile app for Android and iOS.

First step for clean air

Tracking and understanding the factors that cause air pollution in a specific location gives communities essential material for successful campaigns for better air. People empowered with the information can demonstrate hard facts in a discussion with local authorities about possible changes. On an individual level. the air quality data can be used to check if the parks, playgrounds and sports facilities in your neighbourhood are safe for your children and relatives.

Benefits for communities:

Creating an independent network of hyper-local sensors that can be connected with official stations

Social initiative for a civic budget

Improving education and building air quality awareness in the local community and promoting ways for preventing high levels of pollution

A tool to influence local authorities

A way to control the impact of heavy industry near your area

A tool for managing any outdoor activities and alerting about the threats

Case study:

Bitola, North Macedonia


"Take a breath"

Bitola is a middle-sized city in the Southern part of Northern Macedonia. In 2019, the air quality in the area was very bad. The city was equipped with three reference stations, but most of the time they were out of order or under maintenance, so they could not be relied on to provide information about air quality for the citizens. An independent local society decided to act by starting a platform called “Take a breath” (ПЛАТФОРМА ЗЕМИ ЗДИВ) to raise funds for developing air quality monitoring network in the city.

They managed to attract the attention of the local media, SMEs, Industry and Corporations. Within a year they had installed 10 Airly sensors and created a hybrid network with the official reference stations.

The entire initiative was made by citizens who care about the environment and their families, without any supervision from the local authorities.

As a result, a large part of the city is covered by the measurements. Over 85,000 citizens of Bitola city can access the Airly app every day to manage their outdoor activities. With access to this information, the local community have become more aware of the dangers and causes. They realised that much of the pollution came from “low emission” sources, and by changing their everyday habits and using clean energy to heat their houses, they are improving the situation in their city.

"Take a breath" association is planning to expand the network to 20 devices in 2020.

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