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Airly for Corporates

Find purpose for your business

We cooperate with over 200 companies from many different industries. Helping them to maintain their position as socially responsible companies, and to care for the well-being and productivity of their employees

A boost for your image

Companies that seek uncommon CSR strategies should consider investing in an air quality monitoring network. It is great tool for building an eco-friendly and caring enterprise image.

Added value to your business

Information about air quality can be used in many ways to improve the status of the services you provide or to add functionality to an existing product. Whether it’s part of smart city infrastructure, or a hotel, spa or gym network it’s always a valuable addition.

Comfort for your employees

You probably know that the comfort and wellbeing of your employees have been proven to have a significant impact on the quality of their work. An air quality monitoring network that is connected to air purifiers in the office can protect employees’ health and make your company an even more desirable workplace.

Smarter advertising

Air quality and climate change are major topics in media nowadays. Many companies are producing goods which help to improve, or counter, our current air quality situation. Airly’s solution can be used to attract the attention of potential customers when the level of air pollution goes up or down. Thanks to our API you can connect your Google and Facebook ad campaigns to react to specific weather conditions.

Bespoke campaigns

Our business partner approach is on a strictly individual basis and we can work with you to develop a model that fits the particular needs of your business. We have outlined the most common ways to use our air quality monitoring and forecasting system for business. However, our corporate team is available to craft bespoke campaigns that achieve your business goals.


Improving the image of your company

Bringing additional value to your business

Building a healthy and eco-friendly workspace

Useful source of data for your advertising

A chance to advertise on our air quality maps

Flexible partnership, open to creative ideas

Case studies:

Our Community



Local Authority & Government




Heavily polluting industries

Smart buildings/Smart cities

Telco companies