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Airly Forecast

Gasp into the future Airly provides you with an AI-driven air pollution forecast with over 80% accuracy, presented for the next 24-hour period, hour by hour.

A forecast for all

On the MyAirly map you can see the pollution forecast specified in the CAQI index. Our air quality prediction includes estimations of the state of pollution for the next day.

How it works?

We use a predictive algorithm applying methodologies of artificial neural networks, tasked to predict the state of air pollution based on data from the past and estimation of forecasts of selected meteorological parameters such as wind strength, temperature or air humidity.

The air pollution forecast can be accessed via MyAirly online map and mobile app.

Our air pollution forecast can be used by:

City authorities to plan their organised actions to reduce air pollution in advance

Various media, such as TV-channels or printed/online press, can inform their audience about the air quality for the next day

Individuals can reasonably plan their outdoor activities for the next 24 hours