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Airly for Local Authority & Government

For governments that care

Increasingly, improving standards of living and taking care of the natural environment are crucial challenges faced by every local government. Airly’s system is a perfect and complete tool to show that you care about the wellbeing of your inhabitants.

Hyper-local and easy to start

Governmental reference stations providing air quality data are very costly and few in number. Studies show that air quality can vary considerably at a distance of 200 metres. Airly’s system is a perfect solution for both big cities and communes that want to develop more extensive and hyper-local air quality measurements, and for smaller places where air quality measurements haven’t been taken before.

A complete solution

Our system consists of a full set of tools to run real-time air quality monitoring. We deliver sensors, web analytics platform, customer panel and an AI-driven air quality forecast.

A great fit for all

Thanks to the low price of our devices, we can cover cities and municipalities with dozens of sensors and provide an advanced system for analysing and presenting data in a way that is understandable to residents. Our solutions are always adapted and individualised to the needs of a specific local authority and community. For each unit we develop a tailored offer adjusted to local needs, population density, area and terrain. Our solutions will meet the requirements of every local government.

Proven know-how

We already cooperate with over 300 local governments, and more than 4,000 of our devices are in operation worldwide. As a result, we have gained a unique experience in serving the local governments in the best way possible.

Benefits for local government:

Reliable data about air quality in real-time

Quick access to information through a dedicated platform and mobile app

Essential tool to point out the sources of pollution and plan corrective actions

Building an image of responsible, eco-friendly local government

A chance to present and promote your place on our online maps

Benefits for residents:

Daily source of air quality information through MyAirly map and mobile app

Significant help in planning outdoor activities for inhabitants

Healthier society saving on medical care

An increased social responsibility and eco-awareness

Case studies:


Bedfordshire County
(United Kingdom)





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